Hi, I’m Sawyer!


Sometimes in life you stumble upon something that changes you.

It shakes you… ignites a fire inside of you.. a passion you never even knew existed deep within yourself. For many of you it stems from your family... perhaps your friendships and relationships.. for myself.. it's my career. I found myself, my happiness in helping others find their happiness.

Turns out, if you believe you can truly make a difference in someones life, you can!


In my early twenties I sought salvage and peace of mind within the four walls of my local gym, once both parents had merely escaped cancer scares. I needed calm and quiet. I needed me.

No interruptions, no outside influences, no one to think about but my own goals and progress. This growing need to push and fight and sweat as a coping mechanism was noticed by a former World Class Bodybuilder who quickly held out his hand to share more knowledge over the next three years than at the time, I knew what to do with.

Fitness isn’t about being better than someone else, it’s about being better than you used to be.
— Sawyer

Almost a decade later, all that initial knowledge snowballed into this beautifully satisfying and powerful career choice. I relive that moment every time I now reach out my hand to share my knowledge and passion with anyone who seeks it. 

Having a healthy understanding of your body.. having the knowledge to make necessary changes.. and the support of someone with your best interests at heart.. it's absolutely life changing. I have lived through it.. share in it daily and ensure my days with clients are filled with life changing moments constantly. 

A passion you never knew existed from deep within yourself.
— Sawyer

The Shred Shop is my opportunity to give each of you a place of salvage. A retreat from everyday life. A break from the chaos and business of balancing all that we must in our day to day activities. This is your place, your shop. Your opportunity to leave life at the door and indulge in pushing some physical and mental boundaries.

  • CanFit Pro

  • CPR / First Aid

  • Professional Personal Training Specialist

  • OPA/NPC National Level Competitor / Coach

  • CrossFit L1 Athlete / Coach

  • Team Training Specialist

  • Nutritional / Wellness Coach

  • Fitness / Technical Movement Specialist

I am a 30 year old woman on a mission to make already strong men and women, STRONGER. Physically, mentally and emotionally. Support in every aspect that is needed. Self confidence and quality of life is what I offer, and that is something we could all use a little more of!

A retired ballerina, downhill slalom ski racer, three time OPA National level top performer and competitive CrossFit athlete are just few of my accomplishments.



Figure athlete

  • National level Figure Athlete from 2009-2014

  • 3 time National Finalist

  • National / North American level Posing Coach



  • Shred with Sawyer camps originated in 2015

  • Fastest growing training camps in the region 

  • Hundreds of lives changed with this incredible programming