What is Shred Shop?

The Shred Shop offers the mastery of exhilarating energy and group motivation, paired with the accountability and specificity of personal one on one training. With specific classes, developed intricately for the personal goals of each of you, there are no results left unattainable.



We have modified classes developed for you specifically. Upon completing your Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire to determine the nature of your abilities or injuries, you will be rocking and rolling into our modified class with others also looking to get a killer workout while progressing with caution.

I’m pregnant, is it still safe to join?

YES! If you have already been physically active and have doctor’s clearance to continue your regular exercise. If you haven’t been doing much activity throughout your pregnancy so far, we recommend waiting until you give birth and we will help you get right back into shape immediately after! 


We have a variety of great equipment including assault bikes, rowing machines, slam balls, dumbbells, boxes, TRX suspension trainers, sleds, medicine balls, BOSU balls and battle ropes. We also have an assortment of foam rollers and bands for mobility work.

How early should I arrive to my first Shred class?

We recommend you arrive 10 minutes prior to your first class in order to get changed and unwind. Take this time to also fill out any remaining paperwork and ask any additional questions you might have.

What should I bring to class?

Proper running shoes, water bottle and a towel. 

How do I register for a class?

In order to register, fill out the contact request form here. You’ll be contacted within 24hrs of form submission to book your consultation. Once you’ve signed on as a Shred Shop member, Sawyer will have you download the MINDBODY app where you will need to book all future classes you wish to attend.

How much does The Shred Shop cost?

Our rates and fees vary by your fitness package and length of commitment, but your first workout is FREE once you’ve submitted your contact information. For more info on our memberships and pricing, click here.